5 Tips To Increase Motorcycle Rider Safety

5 Tips to Increase Motorcycle Rider Safety | Rider Safety Series

5 Tips To Increase Motorcycle Rider Safety

 A motorcyclist is 70 times more likely to be seriously injured or die in an accident than a car driver. That's what the numbers say. That's why three things are very important: check your bike properly, keep your skills up to date and follow safety tips. We are happy to give you the tips again. 

Visibility ( Increase your visibility)

Motorcyclists are often noticed too late by motorists. In 60% of the motorcycle crashes involving another road user, the crash was caused because the other road user had not seen the motorcyclist in time. So wear bright colours or use reflective accessories such as a fluorescent vest or a vest with reflective strips. Instead, opt for a brightly coloured helmet (or put fluorescent stickers on it) and always leave the dipped beam and your red taillight on.

Ride Defensively 

Keep a sufficient distance from other road users and make sure that you do not end up in a blind spot as much as possible. Also, avoid covering, or being hidden behind other cars. Difficult to avoid, but you can do this by, for example, not driving the same car for too long. Also, drive left in the middle of your lane so you are more visible. Excessive speed also results in a longer braking distance and less time to react. Many motorcycle accidents are caused by speeding.

Wear Protective Clothing 

15 % of motorcyclists often ride without protective clothing. However, the risk of serious injury to the lower body decreases by 70% if you wear motorcycle boots and motorcycle pants.  Wearing gloves and a motorcycle vest reduces the risk of wrist and hand injuries by 45%. By driving without protective clothing you take unnecessary risks. Also, check whether your helmet needs to be replaced.

Overtake Carefully And Slowly

Perhaps you regularly use the motorcycle for commuting. Very handy because as a motorcyclist you can overtake cars in traffic jams, but not every motorist is alert to this. Do not overtake cars faster than a difference of 20 km/h and do not drive faster than 50 km/h in total during traffic jams. Always use your blinkers if the traffic jam continues and you want to merge again. That way everyone knows what you're up to.

Keep Your Riding Experience Up to Par 

No other party is involved in 35% of motorcyclist fatalities. In many cases, this is due to
loss of control over the steering wheel. Some motorcyclists leave their steel steed in the
stable until the weather is nice. Especially in winter, the motorcycle is traded in for the car. So practice your agility and balance quietly before you fully enjoy your motorcycle ride.


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