Vaishnu Thunder X Series Motorcycle Auxiliary Lights | Made in India | Review, Specification and Price

 Vaishnu Thunder X Series Motorcycle Auxiliary Lights Test Review

Vaishnu Thunder X Series Motorcycle Auxiliary Lights | Made in India | Review, Specification and Price

Over the last 3 years, we tasted many models of auxiliary and fog lights from many brands. In the Indian market, many low to high-quality aftermarket lights are available in the market. 

For now, we had the opportunity to test the long-range fog lights from the Indian brand VAISHNU: Thunder X Series. The quality of manufacture and performance of the VAISHNU’s products ( I own and have already tasted several of their products), we were intrigued to see how these Thunder X series Auxiliary lights perform in low light conditions like night ride and in foggy situations and how auxiliary lights provide extra visibility.

While riding a motorcycle on Indian roads at night one of the biggest problems the rider faces is being invisible to the driver's eye, particularly at night. the rider is 3 times more while riding at night that does not mean that rider is immune to an accident in the daytime, such foggy conditions, as well as locations like tunnels, can make darkness so it's important you always take the appropriate precaution. 

The headlights originally installed on motorcycles do not always offer good visibility. Bikers are unanimous on this. For this reason, many motorcyclists integrate additional lights into their bikes to optimize their visibility during their journeys.

Vaishnu is an Indian brand that has proven itself in automotive lighting. Since 1971, Vaishnu has recognized it as the original automotive lighting equipment. There are also products used for the lighting system of motorcycles, cars and heavy vehicles.

Contents of the Kit

  • 2 Thunder X Series Fog Lights 
  • Harness Kit ( switch, relay, fuses) to allow easy and direct  mounting on the battery without modifying the original harness of the motorcycle 
  • 3 Sets of filters ( Clear, Yellow and Black)
  • 2 Colour Options for Lights
  • Warranty card 
  • Assembly instructions to fully understand the installation.
  • Stickers 
Vaisnu Thunder X Series Motorcycle Auxiliary Lights | Made in India

Product First Impression and  Quality

Now let's take a closer look at the manufacturing quality of the set, which is really very good. Indeed, there are lights made entirely of steel and treated with black epoxy on the surface. The optics are protected by a thick wall, and the seals around the optics and the cable at the back are of excellent quality. It exudes solidity and modernity, and it gives confidence for the future. Of course, these optics are resistant to water and dust, they are IP67 certified.

Vaisnu Thunder X Series Motorcycle Auxiliary Lights | Made in India

In terms of lighting power, the Thunder X models use LED technology Bridgelux USA. They can deliver 4100 lumens per light on the fog lamp.

The all-plastic switch is pretty well finished. It is a regular red colour switch. It's correct but I would still have appreciated having a better quality aluminum switch so that it is more in line with the level of finish of the optics.

The wiring harness part, it's also clean. The fuse holders, the relay, and the waterproof connectors are robust and can be clipped/unclipped without risk of breakage. Vaishnu pulled out all the stops so you won't have to worry about setting it up on any bike as we'll see right after.

Vaisnu Thunder X Series Motorcycle Auxiliary Lights | Made in India

Overall Review 

For the fog lamps, the lighting is powerful over a short and wide distance, which makes it possible to see very clearly in bends, and on paths, and to clearly signal its presence to the motorcycle rider. You can quite afford to leave them on all the time because they absolutely don't dazzle as long as you orient them properly. In this fog lights have two types of optics 80% Spot and 20% Flood. overall These foglamp models are therefore really practical for a whole host of situations: from the interfile to the night walk on the way, they offer real versatility.

Vaisnu Thunder X Series Motorcycle Auxiliary Lights | Made in India


  • OPTICS: Spot Beam (80% Spot, 20% Flood)
  • WATTAGE/ PAIR: 70 Watts (35 Watts Per light)
  • POWER CONSUMPTION: 5.3 Amps (+-5%)/ Pair
  • 1 LUX DISTANCE: 350 Metres
  • IP RATING: IP67 
  • RAW LUMENS: 9200 Lm/ Set (4100 Lm/ Light)
  • LED SOURCE: Bridgelux USA
  • COLOR TEMPERATURES: 6000k for Models with White Glass/ 3000k for Models with Amber Glass (Yellow Filters Accessory can be Purchased with White Glass Models)
  • OPERATING LIFE: 50,000 Hrs
  • OPERATING TEMPERATURES: -40 Degree C ~ +80 Degree C
  • WARRANTY: 1 Year
  • WEIGHT/ LIGHT: 400 gms
  • SIZE/ LIGHT: Dia 3.5 Inch x Length 3.5 Inch
  • HOUSING MATERIAL: Iron and Steel
  • QUANTITY: 2 Units (Pair)

Price, Models

  • Thunder - Retro Series: INR 6,697/-  ( Offer price - INR 5,799/-) 
  • Thunder - X Series: INR 6,697/-  ( Offer price - INR 5,799/-)   

Colour Options

Matt Black & Chrome 

We Liked 

  • Excellent lighting performance 
  • Good Built Quality 
  • Lens finish
  • Easy to install 
  • Best Quality Harness Wiring 

We Don't Like 
  • Switch quality 


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