About Us

About us

Welcome to Indian Bikers Magazine.

 "Indian Biker's Magazine" "Globalizing The Indian Motorcycle Club Community", IBM Has A Taken Small Step In Social World. A Step That Changes A Communication Of Different State Clubs & Riders. IBM Focus On People Travel On Motorcycle & Social Awareness. IBM Is Different Things To Different People.


The founder of Indian Bikers Magazine (IBM) is Omkar Mhatre India’s Clubs & Riders website started in 2019.

The ultimate destination for any motorcycle rider.


Clubs & Riders Achievements and Records, Motorcycle Updates & Reviews, New Indian Rules & Laws Updates, Travel Places, Exclusive Interviews, Tips & Tricks, Product Reviews, Social Events and lots of information and updates on India’s Motorcycling World and many more.

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 It is a great platform for Digital advertising in www.indianbikersmagazine.in/ Digital Advertising can be banners of different sizes on our website
Please contact us at connect.indianbikersmagazine@gmail.com and we would be happy to respond as soon as possible. 
IBM is open to partnerships in different forms.

For your exact needs, please contact us at indianbikersmagazine@gmail.com and we would be happy to respond as soon as possible.