Two Motorcyclist Set A Record For Completing "Longest Spiritual Ride In India" | Neel Mehta, Prashant Kawa

Two Motorcyclist Set A Record For Completing "Longest Spiritual Ride In India"  | Neel Mehta, Prashant Kawa

The Motorcycle Rider Neel Mehta and Prashant Kawa from Mumbai, member of Gully2Valley Motorcycle Club, both make a record for a "Maximum Swaminarayan Temple Visited" and "Longest Spiritual Ride in India", Mumbai-Torada-Mumbai cover 15 "Bhagwan Swaminarayan temples" on Royal Enfield Classic and cover a total  of 2558km in 4 Days 22 Hours (118.167) hrs   

The purpose of this unique spiritual ride to light up inner soul spirituality among people to pray to God for strength and hope to fight against corona. This is the first-ever motorcyclist who went on such a spiritual ride for awareness among people about God. 

This ride started from Mumbai on 23 January 2021 and covered a total of 15 places like Baroda, Vadtal, Ahmedabad, Dholera, Kundal, Salangpur, Gondal, Jetpur, Fareni, Junagadh, Bhuj, and Torda and return to Mumbai on 27 January 2021. The ride is recorded in the India Book of Record ( Maximum Swaminarayan Temple Visited ) and World Record India BookLongest Spiritual Ride in India).

List Of Temples:

  •  Haridham (Vasna kotariya) - Baroda.
  •  Hardham Mandir (Swamiji Hariprasad sthan) - Baroda.
  •  Vadtal Dham (Idol by Swaminarayan bhagwan) - Vadtal 
  •  Ahmedabad Kalupur (Idol by Swaminarayan Bhagwan) - Ahmedabad
  •  Dholera Dham - (Idol by Swaminarayan Bhagwan) - Dholera 
  •  Kundal Dham ( Sadguru Shree Gyanjivandasji Swami Sthan) - Kundal 
  •  Salangpur Dham (Hanumanji Mandir - Under Swaminarayan Sampraday) - Salangpur 
  •  Gadhada Dham - (Idol by Swaminarayan bhagwan)
  •  Sardhar Dham - (Guruji Nityaswarupswami Sthan)
  •  Gondal Dham - (Samadhi of Gunatitanand Swami) - Gondal
  •  Shree Swaminarayan Gadisthan Temple - Jetpur
  •  Swaminarayan MahaMantra Sthan - Fareni
  •  Junagadh swaminarayan temple - (Idol by swaminarayan bhagwan) - Junagadh 
  •  Bhuj Dham - (Idol by Swaminarayan bhagwan)- Bhuj
  •  Torda Tirth Dham - ( Birth place of Gopalanand swami)  

How would you describe your ride experience? 
In real life we experienced INDIA as the land of GOD and his devoteešŸ» In Haridham mandir Saint P. Sadhak Swami welcomed us and gave royal treatment like we never ever experienced before, Temple was closed due to pandemic and no one was allowed to do darshan, but only because we are on the spiritual ride they allowed us not only to do darshan but also fed us with delicious food and gave respect like we are King of some kingdom. 

In various places, people gave us free food and respect with lots of love... at some places, people joined hand towards us and welcome saying " our hearts satiate by your darshan"

Did you face any challenges? 
The first day our Ladakh carriers were broken from edges on both sides... but we completed day one ride by tying plastic thread to carrier and bike, then we removed and kept at cousin house in Ahmedabad, further with limited luggage we ended our journey. Temples have their own timing for darshan during the entire day so we usually faced timing challenges because we not only visit the temple but do darshan of idols, use to do 11 "Chanting of mala" with 11 "Sastang Naman" and prayers for everyone in general at each and every temple which consumes time. but anyhow we tried to cover our target by taking a short break and cover maximum km in one day. 


*Note: Following record is recognized by the India Book Of Record and World Record India Book any inquire about record contact with IBR & WRIIndian Bikers Magazine does not recognize any type of record following information is only for knowledge purpose.

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