What Is Motorcycle Backfire? Top 5 Reasons

What Is Motorcycle Backfire? Top 5 Reasons

Before knowing what is the reason for the motorcycle backfire. you should know what is motorcycle backfire. Motorcycle backfire happens when an explosion occurs in the combustion chamber caused by interruption inside the engine's operation.

When Motorcycle Backfire Can Happen?

  • Motorcycle startup
  • Acceleration
  • Deacceleration
  • Manually  

Why does motorcycle backfire?

A motorcycle backfire is something that happens when a motorcycle engine gets too much fuel or air.
If you are seen freaky-looking flames coming out from your exhaust. combustion happening there. 

but why? these are the following top 5 reasons/ common causes for backfire happen on motorcycles.

Top 5 Reasons For Motorcycle Backfire

  1. Exhaust (short exhaust or Lose exhaust pipe)
  2. Fuel (Bad Quality)
  3. Incorrect Timing
  4. Intermittent Spark
  5. Dirty Craborator / Fuel injection

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