Revolt RV 400 India's 1st AI Electric Bike : Motorcycle Review

The Indian government had its way then in a few years all the current 150cc and below motorcycles would become extinct in you of electric two-wheelers and the motorcycle I'm riding today is thus very important it is the revolt are we four hundred one of the first affordable electric motorcycles in the country we are riding these to tell you if the electric revolution is something to look out for.

Revolt RV 400 India's 1st AI Electric Bike : Motorcycle Review

 The design of this motorcycle is a mix of Street Fighter and sports because it gets a bikini fairing but it is actually a street fighter design with some very interesting elements for starters it gets all leds the headlight gets a projector setup as well it gets upside down folks and lot of the parts including the frame not exposed on this motorcycle now of course they have to cover the electric motor as well as the battery pack which has been done quite neatly here and those foot pegs are actually adjustable right now they're Center set you can swap them to make them front set as well it gets silver-coloured upside down folks at the front and the swing arm is also quite unique at least in terms of appearance  but there's no mistaking this motorcycle to be a little too compact for tall riders like me although seat height is generous however when riding this motorcycle you do feel a bit hemmed in but that compact nature is actually a boon because this motorcycle is actually targeted mainly for city riding and that's where it excels it's light easy to maneuver and the tires of a good amount of grip even though they are on the thinner side the seating position is upright on this motorcycle and the rear view mirrors also offer a good view of what's behind it gets a 1-piece seed and pillion comfort is in that great although the grab rates are big enough on.

This motorcycle however you really can't expect an exhaust note from an electric motorcycle because it doesn't have an exhaust at all but this one does have an exhaust note now you might wonder what is the point of this fake sound well it is to keep the rider engaged but also to keep the pedestrian informed that someone is coming around now the handlebar is slightly different when compared to traditional motorcycles mainly in terms of this switch gear well on the left side it's very traditional like all of the motorcycles in the market today but on their right there's a lot of difference on the top of course you get the engine kill switch below which you get the riding modes there are three of them one stands for eco mode two stands for city mode and three stands for sport mode meanwhile below that you've got a button which by the way is in for the horn it is for the sound of this motorcycle it emits fake sounds and you can choose amongst four of them however that has to be done through the app and talking about the app well the app can do a lot of things on this motorcycle in fact almost every parameter of this motorcycle is controlled by that app itself it gets a push button start obviously keyless entry with your smartphone and an all-digital cluster which gets a lot of information and you can toggle through a lot of information as well obviously you need the reward app to change certain things on the console you get a digital speedometer is obviously the battery indicator as well as the temperature meter and the ride mode indicator it also gets an auto meter a trip meter as well as an ampere meter which actually is a tachometer unfortunately there is no clock on offer this electric motorcycle is powered by a three kilowatt hour electric motor paired to a three point two five kilowatt hour battery pack it produces around 9 horsepower mean by the torque output is a massive 54 Newton metres coming right from zero rpm that is a reason why this gets off the lines so quickly in fact it is so punchy lower down that if you don't control the throttle by getting off the line it will just surprise you silly when you're riding this motorcycle and you dab the brakes it will automatically cut throttle however once you cut the throttle it starts deceleration because it has got regenerative braking it has also got link braking system so if you apply the rear the front also automatically gets applied there is no ABS on offer but braking performance is quite decent on this electric motorcycle the top speed it does is 85 km/h in mode 3 which happens to be the sport mode where the range is reduced to around 90 kilometers meanwhile in mode 2 the range increases to around hundred 10 kilometers meanwhile the top speed is restricted to 65 km/h and in Eco mode which is mode 1 the top speed is restricted to just 45 km/h but the range can go all the way up 260 kilometers the rear suspension is on the softer side and the front where that's kind of okay so overall ride quality is decent because of the softness of the suspension but that can be felt when you try to corner this motorcycle aggressively but mind you this is not a motorcycle anyone is going to go and take to the track although we are you are riding it on the track today the revolt RV 400 is a practical electric motorcycle which has a decent range great performance for riding in the city and comes with nifty features as well the icing on the cake is of course the fact that it's easy to ride and reward says it's going to be priced aggressively competing with 125 as well as one to PCC motorcycles thus if someone is looking to switch over to electric this motorcycle right here will definitely act as a catalyst however we still have to figure a lot of things like the sales and service network of revolt and where you want to charge these motorcycles because of course the infrastructure is also not in place yet but revolt wants to address this issue because this motorcycle gets swappable batteries you can open this remove the battery and on the app request for a charged one and they will do that for you as well making it much easier to actually use an electric motorcycle in the not so developed infrastructure of the Indian market what are your thoughts on buying an electric motorcycle you think the whole concept really works are you still happy with fill it shut it forget it for a few days without having to worry about charging or of course top-end performances well 

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