Motorcycle Review: 2019 Zero FXS | Is The Affordable Electric Motorcycle We Need !

Motorcycle Review: 2019 Zero FXS

Reviewing the 2019 0 FX s electric supermoto this is an awesome electric motorcycle and I think it's probably one of the best electric commuter motorcycles out there let me show you why.

Electric Motorcycle

Zero FXS ZF7.2 tech specs

  • Motor: 34 kW (46 hp) ZForce 75-5 air-cooled mid-drive motor
  • Torque: 106 Nm (78 lb-ft)
  • Top speed: 137 km/h (85 mph)
  • City Range: 161 km (100 mi)
  • Highway Range at 113 km/h (70 mph): 64 km (40 mi)
  • Battery: 7.2 kWh
  • Fuel Economy (city): 0.44 L/100 km (533 MPGe)
  • Fuel Economy (highway): 1.10 L/100 km (213 MPGe)
  • Typical Recharge Cost: $0.81
  • Charge time: 9 hours with 650W onboard charger, 4 hours with accessory charger, 2 hours with dual accessory chargers
  • Weight: 133 kg (293 lb)
  • Max load: 153 kg (337 lb)
  • Brakes: J-Juan hydraulic floating caliper with Bosch Gen 9 ABS
  • Suspension: Adjustable Showa with 178 mm (7 in) front and 227 mm (8.9 in) rear travel

That's quite a title calling something the best electric commuter motorcycle so let me try and qualify it sure there are other shinier fancier and more powerful bikes in zero's line up the srf springs to mind but the zero FXs doesn't seem to get as much attention despite being a hidden gem, in my opinion, this model which is the ZF 7.2 cost just 8 Lakhs Rs before tax incentives and that's for the higher-end FX s the model line actually starts at just 10 lakhs which is still a decent chunk of change but that's nothing really for the electric motorcycle industry and the zero FX s does everything that a standard commuter will need it has a top speed of 85 miles an hour or 137 km/h meaning you can take it on the highway or the interstate without being stuck in the right lane it's got a hundred miles or 160 kilometers of city range though that range does drop significantly at interstate speeds and gets down to around 40 miles or 65 kilometers mixed range is closer to around 60 miles or 100 kilometers while some people might find that a bit limiting there aren't that many of us that commute more than 60 miles in a day I got away with charging around once a week.

when I was staying in the city and perhaps a couple times a week when I threw in some highway and interstate riding charging is also super simple all you need is a wall plug which most people can find in their garage or a parking complex there's no need to search for a public charging station or install a special charger at home the onboard charger is not quick it does take around nine hours to recharge the 7.2 kilowatt hour battery but you can toss on one or two auxiliary charge to drop the time to four or two hours I didn't have an auxilary charger and for me charging overnight was just fine because it would sit there at night and I didn't really need to ride it during those few hours it's not like I'm going riding in the middle of the night anyways what really makes the zero fxs a great commuter though is its versatility it's a supermoto which is a class of motorcycles designed to do just about everything whether it's city commuting stair climbing dirt jumping or highway riding and that's what makes the FX s such a great all-around commuter with its long travel suspension and sporty handling the bike is nimble and quick in fact I found myself riding around in Eco mode almost all the time because even eco mode is incredibly powerful it gives you about a half second of easy acceleration at first and then it just launches like a slingshot there's sport mode as well but I almost never use it when I do it's just so easy to pop the front wheel up with 35 kilowatts of power in a bike that weighs 290 pounds or 130 kilos the bike simply has more power than it ever needs making it an absolute blast to play around on now at this point you're probably asking hey what's with all the voiceover I want to hear the bike and the reason for that is that it's actually really hard to capture the sound of the bike because all you're really hearing is the air noise as it whooshes past your helmet and when I try to film it I just get a bunch of wind noise but I'm gonna try and mount a mic pretty close to the motor here so you can hear the distinctive whir of the motorcycle alright let's see if this works 

So not bad right I mean it's not exactly silent and I think it does have a pretty nice sound for an electric motorcycle the fact that the zero FX s is an electric supermoto gives you so many more options while I was filming this review I happened upon a small trail on the side of the highway I don't know what the trail was or if I was even allowed to be out there I didn't see a no motor vehicle sign and it was really early in the morning and so my nearly silent electric motorcycle wasn't bothering anyone so I went for a beautiful scenic cruise on a lovely trail enjoying nature and listening to the birds and the forest sounds around me and when I was done I hopped back on the highway and continued on my day I left no trace and no one even knew I was there because I wasn't making any noise that's the beauty of an electric supermoto it can go even more places and do even more things for barely ten thousand dollars or even less for the base model the zero FX s is the only vehicle I need for my commute it's fast fun and efficient it cuts down my commute and it gets me where I'm going quicker and easier it can park just about anywhere and it brings a smile to my face every time I hop on it is it the fastest electric motorcycle out there no of course not but I don't really need to go faster than 85 miles an hour or 137 km/h when I'm commuting I'm taking this thing to meet up with friends I'm not trying to set a new track time so if you want to go faster zero has plenty of other electric motorcycles for you but if you want a light fun and affordable electric motorcycle the zero FX s was made for someone like you thanks for watching everybody I hope you enjoyed that review of the 2019 zero FX s this has been an awesome electric motorcycle and I think the world would be a lot better off if more people switch to commuting on vehicles like this.

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