RE Applies Trademark for Two New Names : Flying Flea & Roadster

Royal Enfield Flying Flea and Roadstser – these two sub-brands may spawn new motorcycles in the future as the company is securing them
Get ready for a couple of new motorcycles from Royal Enfield. Well, maybe. The company has filed applications for the trademark on two new names. Those names? “Royal Enfield Flying Flea” and “Royal Enfield Roadster.” The applications were filed with the European Union Intellectual Property Office.
Flying Flea with Classic
The Roadster name may be used on a similar motorcycle-like Interceptor
The name Flying Flea is a historic name for the company going back to when Royal Enfield was an English motorcycle company. It was the unofficial nickname for the WD/RE, which was a 125cc military motorcycle used in WWII. It was a bike that was lightweight and dropped into the front lines via parachute, according to RideApart.

I’d expect the Flying Flea to pay homage to this bike, and it could even be a small-displacement model, though I imagine, Royal Enfield will instead use its existing engine options.
The Roadster isn’t as clear from a Royal Enfield historical perspective. Many companies have roadster models, and this could be another 650 twin, but that’s just speculation on my part. Personally, I’d love to see another 650cc bike with the engine from the INT650 and the Continental GT. It will be interesting to see which way Royal Enfield decides to take either model.

More Details Comming Soon..

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