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 Motorcycles, for one reason or the other, are rather prone to be modified in a seemingly endless number of ways. That, in any case, is what makes them so appealing to enthusiasts. A motorcycle can be an expression of individuality, the same of which cannot be said of other motorized forms of transport. However, some of the bikes that are floating around out there are extreme, to say the least. Here, in any case, are some of the weirdest motorcycles that you are likely to come across out there. And, a word of warning; some of them should veritably be rated PG!

Strange Motorbikes


The Monowheels

The primary odd class of cruiser is the monowheel. Monowheels, as the name recommends, just have one wheel. They have, as per Wikipedia, obviously been around for some time, however, we admit to never having gone over one out and about.

A few things are simply implied for the showroom and for the incidental celebration, correct? A monowheel is entirely like a unicycle, put something aside for the way that the rider sits inside the wheel, rather than over the bicycle.

Monowheels are most likely not the best with regards to ordinary transportation, yet for the intermittent show, they are completely the best.

The Longest Bike

From 14 seconds in the above video, you can see the longest bike that you will most likely at any point run over. Indeed, odds are high that you won't go over that bicycle since, well, it's difficult to see anybody really driving on it.

Just like the case with everything else weird, the inspiration driving this long bicycle is fairly difficult to understand. The bicycle entirely is lifted by a few people just to make a turn, which just demonstrates that it's most likely nothing other than a curiosity.

The Beast Motorbike

On the off chance that you think the above is noteworthy, at that point consider the beast motorbike from the 1:05 minute mark in the above video. Again, this is another noteworthy creation that you are probably not going to ever go over in the city. Also, should you be awful enough to unearth this huge bit of work, at that point you are likely happier escaping for dear life?

The beast motorbike is 30 feet long and gauges 30 tons. Obviously, you would prefer not to have that thing run over you. Else they will clean you off the landing area for a considerable length of time. The beast bicycle was made in Australia, which just demonstrates that insanity exists everywhere throughout the planet.

The Steampunk Scooter

From the brief imprint, you will discover the steampunk bike. As you can get notification from the editorial, this bicycle is a half breed between a bike and a submarine, which further affirms the boundless wildness that we have quite recently been discussing.

The thing comes total with a guitar part, an indicator, and an enhancer. What more would we be able to state about this cruiser delusion, other than…. bizarre!

Skyrider 1

This is another unusual bike that you are probably not going to ever run over on any road. The exceptional thing about this bicycle is that it speaks to insanity gone electric. It accompanies two electric engines and a huge propeller at the back. The impetus is given by two lithium-particle batteries, giving it a scope of up to 75 miles.

Alright, we do need to state that this bicycle is in reality exceptionally creative. Join a parachute, and it flies, with the propeller going for 30 minutes without the bicycle requiring a revive.


One thing is sure, the originators of every one of these bicycles are somewhat inventive, at any rate with regards to giving their manifestations names. The warhorse is a monowheel, with the exemption that not at all like other meek bicycles of its sort, the warhorse decidedly flashes along. The bicycle really holds a record, at 60 miles for every hour, for this kind of bicycle.

Nightshadow's Lady

What did we simply state about the names that are given to these insane looking bicycles? The night shadow's lady is another of the strange bicycles that can be discovered there. Starting from the 5:04 point in the above snap, you can perceive how the bicycle really looks as though it's going to jump directly into your face. The nightshade is uncommon, without a doubt. The unmistakable thing about it is that it would appear that the Jaguar logo.

There are other bizarre bicycles in the clasp above. Don't hesitate to look at them and mention to us your opinion of them? Should any be permitted in the city? Or on the other hand would it be a good idea for them to all be consigned to the showroom?

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