Platelet Donation Initiative Organized By LRMC Motorcycle Club | 31st Octobe 2021 | Kharghar

 Platelet Donation Initiative

Organized by LRMC for the benefit of Tata Hospital, Kharghar

Venue: Tata Hospital, Kharghar

Date: Sunday 31st Oct

Time: 9:00 am

Agenda: Orientation and introduction to the concept of platelet donation. Blood testing of all attendees to assess suitability.

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Why is this IMPORTANT? 

Cancer patients need platelet transfusions when the platelet-producing bone marrow cells are damaged by chemo or radiation therapy or when they are crowded out of the bone marrow by cancer cells.

What happens after 31st October? 

It will take 5 days to get your results. Then you can start donating platelets on a regular basis. You will receive a call from the hospital whenever there is a requirement. 

Everything else will be explained to you on the day.

Platelet donation is different from normal blood donation. Platelet donation is done via a machine that recirculates your blood and extracts platelets. The entire process takes about one hour. If you clear the assessment, then you can take up this noble activity at least once a month or whenever you receive a call from Tata Hospital

About LRMC:

 LRMC is a motorcycle club and also a registered non-profit organization. We are a group of motorcycling enthusiasts from Navi Mumbai who are passionate about social causes. We focus on road safety awareness initiatives and also other social work initiatives from time to time. To know more about us, please visit our website

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