India's First Female Royal Enfield Mechanic Meet Kaur

India's First Female Royal Enfield Mechanic 

India's First Female Royal Enfield Mechanic Meet Kaur

Royal Enfield motorcycles are known for heaviness and masculinity and every mechanic not works on Royal Enfield, but now we introduce with you our  "India's First Female Royal Enfield Mechanic", you heard that right!  Female Royal Enfiled Mechanic!

The 'Meet Kaur' is a 34-year-old women mechanic from Arpora, Goa. She does every work of motorcycles like full servicing, full restoration, engine work, and meet work on all types of aftermarket accessories and mods on Royal Rnfield bikes.

Meet not only works on royal enfield she works on all types of motorcycles. she professionally did all types of motorcycle inside and outside works like exchange damage parts, repairing and adjustments, and other works.

Meet Say "I love to work on a motorcycle. I have now an 18-year experience in this work. This work is my hobby, and this work is my life." 

India's First Female Royal Enfield Mechanic Meet Kaur

Meet take some gadgets and repair and fix them in childhood. From a younger age, she has been interested in motorcycles. she does not take any professional training on this work Meet do own research about motorcycles and watching videos about bikes and adding knowledge about motorcycles and train her self.

Meet Kaur awarded by GWBR (Green World Book of Record), Miracles World Records, Orange World Record, and many more. Meet also done 5000km ride on a motorcycle.


  1. She is a perfect mechanic for bullet machine

    1. Thx a lot...too much 🙏🏻
      This gift only from God .. I'm only 00000 .....

  2. Can someone please share Meet Kaurs contact number please...


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