Motorcycle Exhaust Wrap Good or Bad?

All About Motorcycle Exhaust Wrap 

Motorcycle Exhaust Wrap Good or Bad?

Table of Content: 
  • About Exhaust Wrap
  • Type of Exhaust Wrap
  • Good & Bad Impacts 

Exhaust wrap design to keep heat under control and maintain. The good and bad impacts of exhaust wrap are subject to enthusiasts love to debate in chat groups, forums, and with meets!   

➤ Type of Exhaust Wrap: 

  1.  Fiberglass Exhaust Wrap 
  2. Titanium Exhaust Wrap

➤ List of Good Things of Exhaust Wrap

  1.  Decrease the engine temperature on your motorcycle.  
  2. Exhaust wrap improves the aesthetics of the motorcycle.
  3. Easy to install an exhaust wrap.
  4. The cost of exhaust wrap is cheap and manageable.
  5.  If you want you to paint exhaust wrap.
  6. Many colors option available in the market for exhaust wrap.
  7. The perfect installation of exhaust wrap changes the heat around the rider.
  8.  On exhaust choose the parts that you want to wrap.
➤ List of Bad Things of Exhaust Wrap

  1.  It can cause your pipes to damage faster.
  2.  The motorcycle will smell terrible.
  3. The wrap is not long term for most bikes.
  4. Impact on the future of the bike if you want to sell.
  5. Wrap crack your exhaust pipe.
  6. In low temperatures, you feel the bike underperform.

after all these things, the conclusion is you can improve the aesthetics of your bike after you install exhaust wrap you must consider the long-term implications of this decision. It can limit your resale options, increase corrosion risks, and cause other forms of unexpected damage. Some bikes benefit from this product, but a ride that already experiences low temperatures at the engine and exhaust may not see any improvements in performance.

Its best suited in conditions which are very cold. Dry cold. were the heat levels are compromised to the outside temperature resulting in poor performance. It's absolutely not required in places where there are heat and moisture or rains. If used under heat conditions the engine overheats and it leads to more maintenance cost. If used in moist or rainy areas it's going to rust the pipes.

Wrapping comes with big maintenance. If you are not a do it yourself guy avoid it. It's not a Cosmetic upgrade there is a reason to it and if it's not required you don’t have to use it.

Best wraps are costly. The ones we get in India are not proper exhaust wraps.

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