KTM RC390 BS6 2020 MotorcycleReview

The quickfire update walk-around preview of the sensational the all-new 2020 BS-6 KTM RC 390 a bike that has always been a benchmark in terms of performance stellar performance and raises the shaft precision the perfect track machine in the affordable range.

A sports bike in its purest form. Reduced to the essentials. Agile, fast, suitable for A2 driving licence and extremely sporty. Whether you are on country roads or the racetrack, the Moto3 genes are perceptible in every manoeuvre and convey a pure race feeling. The handling - simply spectacular. The performance - incredible. The power - thrilling.

 That you can buy even to this very day and with the BS- 6 update what all changes does it bring along with it now this bike the BS-6 model has been launched at an excellent price of 2,48,000  ex-showroom Delhi which is 4,000 rupees dearer than the outgoing beers for model it gets brand new livery which looks absolutely stunning jaw-dropping with the black and white scheme running across the body works you have this matte finish to the tank or the tank capacity remains the same we have the same extra padding for the rider seat you have the perfectly meticulously molded foam for the pillion seat and yes being this I mean this being the BS-6 model. 

This is bharat state six compliant which makes it more environment friendly greener and cleaner and puts out less pollution less or emissions when compared to the outgoing BS-4 model you can see this white accent here on the front fender you get the inverted front folks from WP suspension best-in-class projector headlamps that offers superb light spread at night then you have the sinister-looking LED position lights or the dr else that look absolutely stunning as they come on for those of you who have been eagerly waiting for the restyled or the design overhaul of the RC series I think you need to wait one more year for the complete design overhaul that's been planned for the RC series maybe by the end of this year we'll be able to get that you have the side mounted exhaust 230 mm rear disc massive 320 mm front disc where dual channel abs a standard I love the orange them stripes that the white gets and the black alloys really make the bike look a lot more new agent contemporary the bodywork looks really kick-ass and looks very premium now and compared to fryer the build quality fit and finish I love the rear view mirrors nice and wide easy to adjust of a good field of view the front windshield could have been slightly taller but this is what we get as of now power figures it gets some in this comes powered by the same trusted and proven single cylinder 373 CC fuel injected liquid cooled motor 4 valve DOHC setup and puts out 43.5 years of max power thirty-seven Newton meters of max torque get a six-speed gearbox you have the exposed orange trellis frame which looks absolutely amazing apart from this for those of you wanting to note the BS-6 update you can see this extra cam here emanating from the header pipe now this is to maybe this adds as an extra catalytic converter to keep the emissions low and keep a check on the sound.

KTM 390 Adventure, Estimated Price 3.00 lakh

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 I did take it out for a short spin on the parking lot and you have this extra metal plate to fend off that heat and to offer better heat management trust me it looks absolutely gorgeous no matter which angle you choose to look at it from as well ahead of its time design so it looks absolutely killer and razor sharp with perfectly sorted out aerodynamics even to this very day ready to race tag right here here we have the visually apparent vs6 tag so that's pretty much it the bike continues to remain one of the best super sport machines that you can buy in the affordable range and those who want to get started in the super sport biking culture look no further because this bike has it all there were a lot of rumors going around that this bike will get the quick shifter just like the duke 390 the new - 390 but unfortunately the RC doesn't get the quick shifter which is kind of disappointing for enthusiasts like us because that would have completely revolutionized what you can expect in this price range and let's hope KTM will surprise us later this year with the inclusion of a quick shifter maybe or maybe that will be introduced with the revised styling or the new design overhaul that the RC will be getting maybe next year let's keep our fingers crossed for the best update for the RC which has been really aggressive kind of a benchmark in this segment so quickly summing things up this is the BS-6 2020 KTM rc390 that's been launched at a price of rupees 2.48 lakhs ex-showroom delhi to know the exact price on word price here in Hyderabad you can call the number of hearing on the screen special thanks to KTM begum fate for allowing me to feature this fight for you guys now talking about the tires we get the Mozilla's for tech interact m5s so this gets speeds.

 The earlier the first gen model used to come with speed rating  which means it can do speeds of around 270 km/h but with the spirit rating, this tire can handle speeds of around 210 km/h and it also gets better quality thread pattern to offer better water channeling capabilities and superior high speed stability and superb cornering stability so I did take it out for a short spin here on the parking lot and the refinement is better it's just as much as responsive and it's just as much as aggressive or you have the beautifully laid out clip-on handlebars that offer a proper Super Sport kind of a stance and here is the instrument console which was again kind of ahead of its time and it looks pretty modern even to this very day you have different let me turn on the kill switch you have the different readouts here fuel consumption meters you have the abs mode I don't know whether it's switchable or not because there's nothing coming up even when I long press the button it still shows roads so maybe it has to be programmed or something so we give it the benefit of the doubt you can clarify that with your local KTM dealer as to whether it gets switchable abs I love the tail lamp design my god it looks so gorgeous and so premium even to this very day just look at the tail lamp you can keep looking at it all day long the cree LED strips look gorgeous so that's pretty much it now you also have the protection for the rear monoshock that prevents our dust from accumulating in there so that's a good touch so before we conclude let me quickly give you guys the exhaust note seems mortifying so that's pretty much it this concludes my quickfire walk around preview of the bs6 2020 RC 390.

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