2020 Duke 250 BS6 2 New Colors : Motorcycle Review

 Duke 250 BS6 2020 : 2 New Colors 

Motorcycle Review

  First look preview walk-around of the 2020 Duke 250. This is the quarter liter super slick Street fighter from the house of KTM to you know fill the void between the 200 and the 390 it was the ideal kind of you know all-rounder machine that everyone could immediately relate to not too aggressive as the 390 at the same time much better than the 200 and the refinement especially with the 2019 model.

      It was seriously impressed and completely floored by the kind of refinement they added by fine tuning the engine now this is the bs6 model which stands for barrage stage 6 which is the emission norms you know laid down by a government to comply with for the automobile manufacturers to make their you know products more environment friendly and to put out a lesser pollution than the you know BS 4 models which means these bikes are greener and cleaner and more environment friendly than the ps4 models now what all changes do we get I have already done a video on the 390 and you saw what all changes is brought along with it but I'm afraid with the Duke 250 the changes are limited only to the paint scheme we get this matte gray color with the end of a cigarette body graphic it's classy and looks really well done the paint finishes of premium quality I like the kind of orange accent that's been given on the headlamp also this particular model is my personal favourite it is more flashy it is drenched in the orange venom that defines KTM the orange wheels look awesome and spectacular and the power and torque maybe remains unchanged it's more refined you can feel it when you start the engine when compared to the B s4 model I also like this matte finish on the note tail panels the tail section and the rear panels and you get this orange graphic which really adds on to the visual appeal this is the tank graphic and the I'm afraid the instrument cluster remains unchanged.

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      I wish they had offered a color TFT console but we don't get that even the front headlamp remains unchanged but it looks pretty cute and pretty sharp inspired by the Duke 1290 the Super Duke bill 90 the orange trellis frame and the exposed orange trellis frame looks nice and new-age and contemporary and so another thing to note just like the 390 this 250 variant gets orange wheels with the orange graphic whereas this one gets black wheels and gets the orange rim stripes instead everything else means more or less the same to know the price tomorrow is the launch event you guys can tune in and you know find out as towards the launch prices it might might not be too expensive because there have been no technical enhancements except for the basics update and the new livery that the give 250 gets for the year 2020 so this concludes my quickfire walk-around preview of the new 2020 Duke 250 the new colors that have been launched which color do you like among the two please feel free to comment below and let me know until next time this is Dino saying ciao take care god bless and ride safe

KTM 250 Duke BS6 Prices Are Out With New Colours 


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