Aprilia SRX 160 | Motorcycle Review | Auto Expo 2020

Aprilia SRX 160  | Auto Expo 2020

Piaggio has unveiled a brand new Aprilia scooter for the Indian market, the SRX 160 at the Auto Expo 2020. The company also confirmed that the new Aprilia SRX 160 will be launched in the Indian market in the Q3 2020. The bookings for the scooter will start in August 2020.

The Aprilia excess ar160 it's a maxi scooter which obviously will compete with the Suzuki Burgman Street when it's launched somewhere around August and yes the design of the scooter looks pretty nice that is the LED light and the lights are very similar to Piaggio rather a freelance superbikes should get a windscreen visor as well which is tinted and twelve-inch wheels a front disc brake and there seems to be decent amount of space as well around the footboard now the color of this scooter happens to be red which looks nice for sure but the rear does not get a disc you can see the motor now this is a 160 cc same engine as that yeah the SR 160. 

However okay before the however you see the lights on the scooter they also look great nice the gravel is nice and chunky too and the exhaust is just humongous well you know what the specs of the engine happened to be exactly the same as the SR 160 which means that the performance will be slightly lesser than the SR 160 because this is going to be a heavier scooter it's going to compete with the Suzuki Burgman Street and this seat is also really very nice well done up you get this beautiful red stitching here as well ok a pillar is written right there with chrome surround switch the quality seems decent this is the mode selector button this is for the Indian star passed by switch and light and the horn as well hand grips feel nice and you can see the mirror gives a good view of what's around all-digital console.

 All the scooter and there is a hook right there so overall this seems to be a very promising vehicle for short now when we come closer there is a kick start on the scooter 3 valve rather 3 VTEC fi fuel injected but there's a kickstart well that doesn't make sense well does it any which ways the finishing of the scooter is pretty nice as well and I'm not sure about the pricing but obviously it will cost more than the SR 160 now the big news is it's just not about the SR 160 they are also going to launch the SR 125 which will of course be priced more attractively and it's nice to see piaggio experimenting but I am a little disappointed that at the Auto Expo I was actually expecting the you know 150 and the rs.150 which was showcased at last times Auto Expo but has not made it here many of us were actually expecting the production model of those scooters to come here and here as this is the ignition key slot of the scooter overall what do you guys think will the scooter work well the both man has been a reasonable success although we expected a 150 cc version of the bulk main street that did not happen but this is a 160 cc motor which are actually voting so the 125 the one with a version of this sxr will actually compete with the Burgman street.

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