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Vishakha's ride starts from Mumbai and ride towards Hyderabad to Vizag & Gayatri's ride Starts from Kolhapur towards Hyderabad to Vizag and then Vizag to Andaman by Ship Return ride from chennai - Ponducherry - Banglore back to Mumbai / Kolhapur


VISHAKHA FULSUNGE ( RiderGirl Vishaka)


Is the popular Female Bike Rider from  Mumbai. She is the 1ST FEMALE MOTOVLOGGER in India. She started Bike riding with the aim to Break All Stereotypes about being a Girl.

Her Popular name is RiderGirl Vishakha. She is 25  years old and was born on 3 rd Nov 1993 in  Mumbai, India. She is Indian by Nationality. Her mother has been a constant source of inspiration for her. An MBA by profession, she was a stunt rider but due to injuries, she left stunt riding and now participates in drag races and goes on long solo rides.

She started riding at a very young age and always wanted to do something extraordinary. The thought of why should boys have all the fun was always there behind her mind and she decided to kick start her biking journey. In the process of challenging and proving to the male domination in the community, she faced a lot of difficulties and obstacles but now she is happy to have made it and is a part of this community.

Earlier she had Hero Honda Passion, later jumped on to Pulsar 220, and now she owns a KTM Duke 390 which she calls Kashish. She chose this bike as she likes sports bike more than a tourer, and 390 is a perfect blend of track and ride and is also powerful.
Her most memorable ride is the solo Ride to Leh Ladakh that she cannot forget her entire life where she was stuck but completed it. She met many riders on the way who joined her. Recording and vlogging that ride was an awesome experience.

A special message that she would like to give to bikers is ‘Let women enter this community easily, I know how much problems I have faced,  request others not to be obstacles for other upcoming female riders’

GAYATRI PATEL (Rider gp23)

 Her Popular name is Rider GP23. She was born on 14 Jan in India. She is from Kolhapur Indian by Nationality.
  • First Female to win this Title: Wrangler's True Wanderer 7.0 2nd runner up 2018...
  •  2nd runner up Royal Enfield's Rider Mania RERM 2018 Women's Dirt race under 550cc
  • Kolhapur LehSpiti2k17 Kolhapur  featured by meteoroids TVS June 2017:8000+kms 
  •  Delhi Leh Kolhapur  AOG Mission Nubra Valley 2018:4500kms
  •  First International ride AOG ride to Bhutan with TVS in Dec 2018. ( Kolhapur - BHUTAN - Kolhapur)  6600+kms
  • Women Empowerment Award 2019, Kolhapur
 Gayatri Talk about Achievement  ; 

   3 years ago, I was a modest girl who never ventured anywhere without my family. I was a girl bound my societal inhibitions, afraid to tread into the unknown.                               
Until one day, I saw a convoy a biker heading to goa. I was so intrigued & inspired, that this moment ignited a passion into me almost instantaneously.!

I knew 'Bike Riding' was NOT gonna be an easy journey & it surely wasn't! Initially, I had to face a lot of criticism & disapproval. I had to go against the stereotype & struggle for what I wanted.
I have come a long way since then. Bike Riding is so much more for me than just a recreation tool. It allowed me to discover my potential & pushed me to test my limits. Truly I owe a lot to biking!

looking back, I myself can't believe that I am the same girl...
It was one hell of a Transition !!

Hence for me, it is truly a very emotional & touching moment, when my name got engraved in the 'India book of records' for being the first women duo ( along with Rider Vishakha) to ride on Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

This wonderful moment when I received the certificate.....

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