How To Select Perfect Motorcycle Helmet | Rider Safety Series | Season - One

How To Select Perfect Motorcycle Helmet | Rider Safety Series | Season - One


How To Select Perfect Motorcycle Helmet | Rider Safety Series | Season -One

When you ride your motorcycle on highways, on-street roads as well as on offroad, and if you wear Wear proper gear to make your motorcycle ride more pleasant, more comfortable, and safe.

The "How to Select Perfect Motorcycle Helmet" first episode of "riders safety series" In this series, we study and know about proper motorcycle riding gears and other safety tips

Motorcycle riding is fun and adventurous insofar as treated with respect. small mistake riders can be left lingering between life and death.

Many riders feel cool riding without a helmet and without safety gear. but not wearing a helmet and safety gear is a big stupidity. If you wear proper gear and choose to ride safely then you save your life.

We thought a short ride or trip would seem harmless and nothing could happen. It is not possible to predict when something will happen, so whether you want to go near your home or go for a long motorcycle ride for a week, wear safety gear and ride a motorcycle.

We are going to share information about how to select the perfect helmet for every motorcycle owner/rider.


  The helmet is as necessary as any other accessory or part of the motorcycle. You ride a motorcycle without a helmet but cannot be safe. A perfect helmet saves your life from the most common as well as extreme conditions in any type of different situation. so rider near home or ride for 5 minutes wears your helmet. before you buy a helmet check out a list of some important factors that can help you to choose the perfect helmet for yourself.

Helmet Sizes & Your Head Size and Shape: 

   Every person has a different head structure and shape, size. The helmet comes in all sizes, from extra small (XXS) to extra large (XXL). Many helmets are available for children. when you go to buy a helmet make sure it fits properly, is comfortable to wear, and is neither too tight nor too loose. 

Wear Proper Gear When You Ride Motorcycle | Rider Safety Series

List Of Factors that Make Motorcycle Helmet Comfortable:

  1. Check that your chin not touching the chin bar of the helmet.
  2. Check Space available for the opening mouth. 
  3. Check Padding of Helmet that makes your face skin comfortable. 
  4. Check pressure points.
  5. Internal Padding and liner matching your head shape 

Wear Proper Gear When You Ride Motorcycle | Rider Safety Series

Did you know that all adult-sized motorcycle helmets now sold in India must have a sticker indicating ISI (Indian Standards Institution) compliance, which means that the helmet meets certain basic impact standards? Don’t buy a helmet without one; it may not meet standards. Helmets vary greatly in price and style. Buy one that suits you. Wear it. Fasten it every time you throw a leg over the motorcycle

List of helmet standards:

  • ISI - India
  • DOT - USA 
  • ECE - European
  • TIS- Thailand
  • SIRIM - Malaysia
  • KS G 7001 - Korea
  • CNS - Taiwan
  • SG - Japan
  • JIS - Japan
  • NBR - Brazilian
  • Snell - USA

Type of Helmet:

  • Full Face Helmet 
  • Flip-Up Hemet
  • Half Face Helmet 

Full Face Helmet 

The full-face helmet covers your head and neck and is considered the safest type of motorcycle helmet to protect you from potential impact. A distinguishing feature of the full-face helmet is the chin bar, which is a key safety feature that many helmets lack. According to a study on helmet damage and motorcycle head injuries, the chin encounters fifty percent of severe impacts during an accident, and only a full-face helmet can provide you with protection for your chin and jaw.

A full-face helmet is a versatile choice for all riders, regardless of the type of motorcycle you ride or where you ride it. A full-face helmet varies depending on the type of riding that you do. Sports riders have a crouched riding position and need a helmet that prevents it from lifting at high speeds, therefore, they usually opt for a helmet with a higher chin bar and a visor opening angled slightly towards the top of the helmet. However, tourers, cruisers, and adventure riders tend to ride with an upright riding position, so the helmet would have to accommodate it with a lower chin bar and a visor opening that is more direct and straightforward.

Most full-face helmets have ventilation through the helmet to evaporate sweat, reduce visor fogging, and keep you cool while riding. In the colder months, the ventilation can be closed to reduce the airflow. New features have been added to full-face helmets in recent years, including Bluetooth-capable speakers, high-visibility color options and designs, and visors that tint and adjust to sunlight conditions.

Flip-Up Helmet

A Flip-Up helmet is an open helmet and Full Face helmet in one. With a Flip-Up helmet, you are able to flip it open by simply using the chin guard which is attached to a hinge construction. The handy thing is that you can transform your Full Face helmet into an Open Face helmet with just one simple hand movement. Flip-Up helmets are widely used by touring riders who regularly switch between speeds and therefore would like to open their helmet. A Flip-Up helmet is also ideal for the installation of a Bluetooth headset.

Note that not every Flip-Up helmet has a so-called double homologation or P / J approval. This double homologation means that a helmet is approved for use as an Open Face helmet as a Full Face helmet. If a helmet doesn't have such approval you can't drive with an unfolded chin guard.

Half Face Helmet 

As long-time favorites of lower-speed bikers and scooter riders, Open Face Helmets cover the sides, top, and back of the head while leaving facial areas completely exposed to the fresh breeze. Because there’s no structural chin section, open face helmets offer less crash protection. An adjustable strap around the chin keeps them securely fastened to your head.

Naturally, that great open-air feeling comes with a downside - exposure to road grit, bugs, water, and more. However, many open-face helmets can be purchased with removable visor pieces and air-filtering face masks.

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