False Logic to Justify Riding Motorcycle Without Helmet. A Discussion on Underlying Psychological Phenomenon.

False Logic to Justify Riding Motorcycle Without Helmet. 

A Discussion on Underlying Psychological Phenomenon. 

We don’t Require a Drafted Law for our Own Safety – Ansh (The Mystic Rider)

A recent survey reveals 57% of two-wheeler riders across the country ride motorcycle without a helmet. A hazardous psychological phenomenon of two-wheeler riders across the country, safety is overlooked in terms of comfort when it comes to wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle. The survey further reveals that 74% of pillion riders do not use helmet while ride motorcycle as pillion. 30% of owners said the primary reason for this is comfort, whereas 22% of riders cite as they like to ride without helmet due to a force inbuilt habit developed for long (Exide Life Insurance Company Limited, 2017).

Wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle plays an essential role in protection against head injuries. However it’s being observed, many people do not wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle and they have their own reasons behind it. Two-wheeler owners across India even cite much peculiar False Logic to justify, why they do not wear a helmet while riding. Some such logic like, helmet averts people to see sideways or hear sounds from behind, which may lead to more accidents. A group of Nagpur college girls replied in one voice as its ugly to wear a helmet, we hate it as it spoils the hairdo (City News, 2011)
Injuries related to road traffic contributing as the 8th leading cause of deaths for all age groups across the globe (WHO, 2018). The death rate is for road traffic injury is higher than from HIV/AIDS or any other conventional diseases like tuberculosis or diarrhea. A recent WHO report suggests to shift in its current child & adolescent health agenda towards road safety, as it's becoming the leading cause of death amongst the age group of 5-29 (WHO, 2018).

Whatever may be the reason given to justify, its nothing but some False Lucidities. Nothing can substitute the safety & security of self. Human civilization should understand that for their own safety it’s not required a drafted law. Some people say they are not comfortable with the heavyweight of the helmet and due to the weight, they feel pain in the neck area. Some feel suffocated while wearing a helmet. Similarly, one more reason is they feel the heat on their head while wearing a helmet. Some say wearing a helmet causes limitation in neck and head movement which they are not comfortable with. But many of them do not know that modern helmets are light weight, comfortable and well ventilated. Some says helmets like this are expensive. Some simply says when they are in a hurry they either forget or don’t use a helmet. Also when they ride slowly they don’t need a helmet or when they are in a quiet street or road there is no need to wear a helmet. Also, they say they are not going that far just to a nearby store so no need for a helmet.

Helmet for Family
Decoding the Psychology (The False Lucidities):

Some feels that helmet leads to restriction in vision but practically its not true, it is only their psychology. Some says that carrying a helmet after or before ride is a very tough job; they do not want to carry the helmet to wherever they go. Some look conscious people says that wearing a helmet do not give them a suitable or good appearance. They think they look unfashionable, pretentious or overly safety conscious, these reason are mostly given by the youngsters. Even they say they don’t want a messy hair after they take off their helmet.

 In summer especially people say they don’t want to wear a helmet because of the excessive warmth and to give an excuse they say winter is the right time to wear a helmet. Some even says they do not need a helmet because they can keep the balance if an accident like situation occurs. Also they say they have never fallen off a bike so are not planning to wear a helmet anytime soon. They claim to be too smart and safe to have an accident. Some simply says they do not feel comfortable if they wear a helmet. Some says that there is not enough proof that helmet will protect them instead they say it may increase the risk of head injury so don’t prefer to wear it, a bizarre reply.

The Take Away:

Available public reports suggest Head Injury is the leading cause of death in regards to two-wheeler worldwide. Studies suggest appropriate use of a helmet can contribute a significant 42% reduction in fatal injury and a 69% reduction in head injury (WHO, 2018).

Including India, there are 49 countries already having laws on motorcycle helmet use synchronizing with WHO best practices. However law alone is not enough, it’s required a massive awareness campaign to change the approach itself. One should use helmet for own safety, meeting back family at home, not to satisfy the law.


Disclaimer: It’s a work of Ansh-The Mystic Rider as part of his research work during OneIndiaOneRide (14 Months 75000KM All India Motorcycle Expedition, covering all States & UTs) for a National Level Social Campaign to increase awareness on helmet usages. Opinions expressed within this article are the personal opinions of the author. The facts and opinions appearing in the article do not reflect the views of (Indian Bikers Magazine) and (Indian Bikers Magazine) does not assume any responsibility or liability for the same.

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