Kondana Caves, Karjat 
Kondana Caves, nestled cosily in the midst of a dense and magnificent forest near Kondana Village, is located 33 kilometres north of Lonavala and about 15 kilometres from Karjat, Maharashtra. These caves were discovered in the 1st century BC and consist of intricate and delicate carvings of Buddhist architecture. Although an earthquake in 1900 damaged some parts of the caves, the existing structures are worth seeing. One can take a stroll in the caves and experience the regal aura of the stone-cut structure. This place is sure to take your breath away.
The beauty of these caves is enhanced furthermore by the sparkling waterfalls nearby. As you walk ahead, it is an experience in itself to hear waterfalls as they either trickle down the slopes gently or strike the rocks underneath as fierce as ever. It is a sight never to be missed especially during the monsoons when the pristine waters descend from the top of the caves. Soak in the splendour and capture exotic frames of the gorgeous architecture, the nearby waterfalls and the lush greenery around.

When you walk through the Kondana caves, visualise the activities the Buddhist monks would carry out when they used the caves. Meditate or contemplate in one of the meditation pods, and you can almost hear the traditional Buddhist chants. If you know one of these chants, experience the feeling of exhilaration when you hear melody echoing from the walls of the caves. Get a first-hand sense of the serene vibe that the tranquil caves still possess.

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