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Bharat Organ Yatra is one of the many innovative initiatives of ReBirth conceptualized to reach the masses. ReBirth volunteer, 68-year old Mr. Pramod Mahajan travels a challenging 12000 KMs+ distance for a continuous 132 days on a solo motorbike ride across India to create Organ Donation Awareness.

For the year 2020, Mr. Mahajan will be traveling from Pune, Maharashtra on 18th January and mark an end to his journey on 28th May 2020. During this solo bike ride, he will cover 21 states and 3 Union Territories across India providing Organ Donation information to the people.

About ReBirth Foundation

The time had come that we the members at Rebirth, ask this question to ourselves. We felt we are blessed that life has gifted us with so much. And it’s time now to give back to society. We were seeking an answer for, when, where and how would we contribute to the society around.
In this journey of seeking, our roads crossed and stumbled on this cause of, “Awareness on Organ Donation” while we were to create a movie on a social message at an event at Life The school (Inspirational Training Organization). Truly in gratitude to Life The school that it initiated our journey towards this noble cause. While we were in the process of creating the movie, we met amazing people in the city who have been working relentlessly in this for almost 2 decades. We found there are Counsellors, hospitals, and Doctors all playing their role at their individual ends, amazingly well.
However, surprisingly we found that there is so much which is still required to be done. We found that there is no centralized system, no single source of helpline or any other system working towards generating awareness and hence we (Pune city rather Maharashtra) doesn’t stand great when it comes to Awareness and the work, the success of Organ Donation. On the analysis, there is definitely an improvement on the success rate yet we believe it could be far better if there is a centralized system working towards it.
We realized that there are a need and an opportunity to play our role in this.

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