15 New Year Resolution For Every Bikers

1. Try To Learn To Fix It Yourself



Riding a motorcycle isn’t just about getting on the saddle, twisting the throttle and zipping away. Motorcycles are magic, but they are also simple machines with a soul. There are numerous things you can do to fix minor issues – you don’t always need to head to a mechanic. This New Year, buy yourselves a decent tool kit – all you need is a set of spanners, a screwdriver, pliers and some duct tape. Learn to use them to perform regular maintenance, to change your light bulbs, to tighten your brakes and chain, to adjust your clutch levers, to tune your carburetors or even your suspension to suit your weight. Once you do this you will realize that your bond with your motorcycle has deepened. Take care of your bike and your bike will take care of you.

2. Keep Your: Motorcycle Clean

First impressions are last impressions – you wouldn’t want to be seen dressed shabbily in a public place and so shouldn’t your motorcycle. Fact is that India is a dusty place – leave your motorcycle parked out in the open for an hour and it will be covered in a thick layer of the fine powder. It isn’t practically possible to keep cleaning your bike every hour, but the least you can do is either cover it up in the night or give it a proper wet wipe in the morning. Wash it properly at least once a week, lube the chain and apply a coat of polish at least once a month. Let your motorcycle speak loads about you even when you’re nowhere around it. Off-road riders and tourers may be excused while on your trips, but after you’re back, show your bike some love and give it a thorough clean – not only will your bike look better, it will even run smoother and longer. This New Year, make sure you pamper your bike.

 3. The Clock At Least 7,000km On-Road Trips

Most times we get so caught up with everyday problems and routines that the only time we spend on a motorcycle is when we fight our way through traffic to get to work and back home. In all of this mayhem we forget that being on a motorcycle is all about the outdoors – being one with your surroundings. Driving in a car through a scenic road may be fun, but riding your bike on the same route is way more involving. If you haven’t been on a proper road trip on your motorcycle yet, you’re missing out on something heavenly. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a short distance out of town to a weekend hangout or a multi-day journey to nowhere – gear up, tank up and head out. Make those numbers on the odometer count for something. Resolve to ride out regularly and clock at least 7,000km on road trips in the year, no matter which way you break those up. Whether it’s 200 at a time or the complete 7,000 in one go, every one of those kilometers will have their own unique story

4.Spread The Social Awareness

Ask any real biker and they will tell you that the most happiness they’ve ever had in their lives has been on a motorcycle. The only way to multiply that happiness is to share it with everyone around you. Be a model citizen – spread the joy. This New Year shows the world that motorcycle riders are truly the best people that ever existed. Ride out to support a cause, like the #Avoid Accident. Help out people you see who are in need. Respect the road and respect its rules, stop at traffic lights – even if there’s no one else around you who’s stopping. People observe, and they learn to make them learn from you and your motorcycle. Give way – especially to pedestrians. Make space for Ambulances. Don’t park like schmucks. Inspire people with the way you behave – both on and off your bike. Donate blood – it may just save a fellow biker’s life. Refrain from road rage. And most importantly, talk about the joys of motorcycling to tell.



5. Appreciate good drivers

Just because you’re on a motorcycle doesn’t mean all the people driving cars are a**holes. There are many who actually drive well and in a sea full of drivers and people on motorcycles that flout basic traffic rules, the good ones need to be appreciated. All it takes is a wave or a thumbs up. So from now on, when you do spot someone who gives you way at the flash of your headlight or slows down to let you cut in front of them or even simply sticks to their own lane, wave outlet they know that they are appreciated. It will only encourage them to keep doing it and it may even inspire others to drive and ride better every day. In the end, it all adds up, makes our roads safer and that’s a win for everybody.

6. Make at least one practical modification

Personalization is a basic human trait – we like to customize things we own to our tastes and needs. When we buy a house, we make sure we get the kind of furniture that suits our needs and it’s the same with motorcycles. Personalize your bike this New Year – and I’m not talking about some stickers here and there – I’m talking about adding at least one accessory that is practical in helping you with the way you ride. Add crash bobbins like the ones from add fly screens to keep the wind blast away, add a luggage rack to help with your out-of-town trips, add a GPS device or even a simple USB charging port. Because everyday problems shouldn’t come in the way of riding your motorcycle!

7. Go Camping With Your Motorcycle

Regular road trips are OK, but the epitome of being one with nature is to spend the night beneath the stars, out in the open with nothing but your tent to shelter you and a bonfire to keep you warm. Add a motorcycle to that equation, and you’ve achieved nirvana. So in the New Year, make sure you experience this at least once. Strap your luggage on the rear seat, stack your tent and sleeping bag, pack some snacks and head out on your bike – ride to a camping site, like the Schoneden ones around Karjat, or to the banks of the Ganges in Rishikesh or any other such destination wherever you are. Spend the night under a starlit sky – alone or even with your buddies and you’ll bond not only with Mother Earth but also with your motorcycle – the only two entities that will ever matter for the rest of your life.


8. Always wear a helmet

This may seem like the most mundane point on this list, but it is also the most important one out there. It not only helps create an impression of responsibility and everything that is good about motorcycling but it also helps keep you safe. Accidents happen and they don’t see whether you’ve just stepped out around the corner to the grocery shop or you’re just riding for a few kilometers within the city – you could fall and hit your head even at crawling speeds and it could prove life-threatening. So if you’ve been the sort to keep finding excuses for not wearing a helmet, stop being an ignorant idiot – wear a lid. If you do wear a helmet every single time you’re on a motorcycle, then make sure you make others around you wear one too. Preach – even at the risk of sounding ‘scared’, because every head is precious.

9. Learn to ride better

You may have been riding motorcycles all your life and you may be adept at zipping in and out of traffic like water through a pile of stones, but there is no such thing as perfection. Strive to learn to ride better. Spend your time learning how to react to situations and practicing them over and over again so that when the time comes, it is all ingrained in your muscle memory. If you like riding fast, head to a track and attend a racing school – they’re not just about going head to head with other motorcycles on a track because they teach you a lot about what a motorcycle is doing and how to react to it. Learn the proper lines of riding out on undivided highways that will keep you safe from oncoming traffic in blind corners. Learn the science of learning with your bike and the art of emergency braking. It will keep you on your motorcycle longer, and safer

10. Teach someone to ride

So you know how to ride a motorcycle and you’ve been reveling in the joys it brings. You’ve been wearing a helmet, you go on regular road trips and you even know how to fix your bike yourself. Take the next step and spread what you know – teach a youngster how to ride a motorcycle. Teach them how to ride safely and to ride well. This New Year, help someone else experience what it’s like to be a real biker. It’s important to make the next generation learn to respect motorcycles not only for the biking community itself but for them as well. Remember how motorcycling made you independent? It’s time to help someone else get on their feet too. After all, a college education will give you a job, but riding a motorcycle will give you life.

Happy New Year folks, and Merry Motorcycling from all of us at IBM!



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